Standing With Standing Rock

Posted on November 30th, 2016


We STAND for and Demand a Clean Energy Revolution NOW. (That does not include “clean coal”, “natural gas” derived from fracking or nuclear power plants — no matter how much money these sectors spend on ironic marketing slogans.)

We STAND for the end of environmental destruction in all sectors. (Whether you believe in climate change or not, the environmental destruction taking place across the planet to uphold our lifestyles is indisputable).

We STAND for the rights of the Indigenous people of America and the treaties that protect them. (This means abiding by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 in the current Dakota Access Pipeline conflict.)

We STAND for ethical governance that is impervious to corporate bribes. 

We STAND for a Just and Sustainable Society where all people are respected for their differences and LOVED as equals. 

We STAND for a police force that Serves and Protects PEOPLE not racism or corporate greed. 

We STAND for a society where women and people are free to govern their own bodies. 

We STAND for a country that doesn’t spend its entire budget on military endeavors and instead spares enough for education, free healthcare for ALL citizens, and infrastructure for a clean and sustainable future. 

We STAND for a country whose land is a safe haven for people in need of refuge. 

We STAND for a political system free from the corruption of money. 

We STAND against the corrupt use of the principals of EMINENT DOMAIN for corporate and private gain. 

We STAND for a society where wealth is measured by a new metrics. Where wealth is measured instead by how kind you are: to yourself, to other people, and to the environment. Measured by how joyful you are. Measured by how much you give and not how much you own.