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Redflag.org is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to inspiring activism.

Since 2009 we have been raising red flags over the problems facing our planet and celebrating the real life “action heroes” who have chosen to be part of the solution.

Within our global community we discovered that the greatest power lies in the voice of the citizen journalist and in the footsteps of the individuals brave enough to embark on a grassroots effort to effect positive change in the world.

How can you join the movement to inspire others? We think by telling your true story – by living outside of what everyone believes is possible – by walking the talk and inviting others to walk beside you.

We invite you to start your own movement here on Redflag.org. Contact us to learn more.


Me Owl

 Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis received a Bachelor’s in philosophy and Master’s in Art History from New York University.

Davis made her break into journalism by reporting on contemporary artists. In 2006 Davis journeyed to rural China to produce a documentary on a nonprofit group bringing much needed medical care to Chinese citizens living below the poverty line. This was Davis’s second feature length documentary, but it was this journey, which culminated two months later in Japan, that broadened the scope of her work to encompass the problems facing local and global communities.

Since then she has produced and co-produced over 25 investigative short documentaries in 14 countries, mainly for Current TV. In tandem with her journalistic documentary work, Davis launched a web-based documentary  series in 2007 called Artnet TV, to serve as a medium for the continuation of her work with contemporary artists.

The idea for Red Flag Magazine came to Davis after years of hearing her colleagues and contemporaries echo her own desire to change the world – in so many different ways – for the better. Yet, however acute their collective desire may have been, none of them took significant action. She realized that what they were all lacking were the tools and the support of a community to really take action. Davis imagined that making changes for the better could become a way of life if supported by a dynamic and well informed social network – seeing herself as a work in progress also in need of the positive influence of a community committed to change.

Davis has supported the following nonprofit groups with her time: UNICEF, The Boys and Girls Club, The East Hampton Trails Preservation Society, The Happy Hearts Fund, New York Cares, Operation Walk, The Surfrider Foundation and UNICEF. She is also the cofounder of the environmental nonprofit organization Root for Trees and a member of the 305 Yoga Gangsters.